WELS Hymnal Project

Technology Committee Focus Group of 25 Congregationgs

From April 1 to April 30, 2014 the Technology Committee of the WELS Hymnal Project is accepting applications from congregations to participate in a focus group. Congregations in the focus group will help the Technology Committee determine the most common worship technology needs in WELS congregations. Congregations in the focus group will help us refine the vision for what the digital side of the future hymnal must do. The focus group is limited to 25 congregations.

Technology Committee chairman Caleb Bassett noted in his blog post announcing the research:

Before you write this effort off as something for only the most tech savvy congregations, I’d like to point out that we’re really looking for congregations whose ministry represents what most WELS congregations are like. We’d even like to have a congregation or two that are very methodical in their adoption of technology. This effort is about helping the Technology Committee learn what kind of real-life people will be using the hymnal in common, real-ministry situations.

The application window for this research project has closed.