WELS Hymnal Project

Cut Hymns List

The WELS Hymnal Project invites feedback on its initial decision about which of our currently-published hymns (Christian Worship and Christian Worship: Supplement) will be kept for the new hymnal and which will be cut.

Our current list of hymns will be published in nine segments. Each segment will indicate which hymns are designated to be kept and which are designated to be cut. Each segment includes a feedback form where we invite you to indicate any hymns (up to ten) from those designated to be cut that you would like to see kept.

This list is being published in concurrence with a series of nine monthly articles published in Forward in Christ.

  1. Advent-Transfiguration (1-97, 701-712)
  2. Lent-Easter (98-175, 713-722)
  3. Pentecost-Opening of Service (176-232, 723-731) Coming September 2017
  4. Worship and Praise-Baptism (233-301, 732-737) Coming October 2017
  5. Confession and Absolution-Justification (302-401,738-754) Coming November 2017
  6. Faith-Trust (402-451,755-769) Coming December 2017
  7. Commitment-Christian Home (452-507, 770-773) Coming January 2018
  8. Christian Education-Missions (507-579, 774-778) Coming February 2018
  9. Morning-Canticles (580-623, 779-788) Coming March 2018