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Our church body has taken steps to initiate the production of our next hymnal, a successor to the well-received Christian Worship: A Lutheran Hymnal. Leading the effort is Rev. Michael Schultz, the full-time director of the WELS Hymnal Project. This page offers blog posts, resources, and other materials from Pastor Schultz.

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Insights, analysis, techniques, opinions, and experiences from Project Director Michael Schultz.

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Resources, papers, and other works related to the work of the Project Director.

Spring 2015 Director's Update
by Michael Schultz
The Future of Worship in the WELS
by Michael Schultz
Rev. Michael Schultz
Project Director

Rev. Michael Schultz serves as the Project Director for the WELS Hymnal Project. Schultz has served congregations in Flagstaff, AZ and Lawrenceville, GA. Schultz is a church musician who served as the Hymns Committee chairman for Christian Worship Supplement and also compiled the Guitar Edition for Christian Worship Supplement. He and his wife Karen have three children: Caleb, Bethany, and Ethan.