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“What’s a favorite hymn?”

Our favorite things are normally not hard for us to identify. As a result, asking “what’s a favorite hymn?” might sound a little strange. But when you think about it, this isn't a simple question. “Do I pick my favorite based on the words that proclaim my Savior and touch my heart…or on the melody I want to keep humming through the day…or should I pick one from my favorite season of the church year?” When it comes to hymns, there’s a lot to love.

You might value a hymn because you know it by heart. You might love a hymn because of the meaning it carried at a special occasion, like a funeral for a loved one or your child’s Confirmation Day. Maybe you can think of a precious hymn that takes you back to the candlelight of Christmas Eve or the trumpeted triumph of Easter morning. Maybe you feel drawn to a hymn’s unparalleled poetry. Maybe you cherish the way both melody and message are perfectly tuned and married to each other. (You get the idea…this list could go on forever!)

But even now, we've barely scratched the surface. At the end of the day, consider the many ways the hymns we sing have served your spiritual needs over the years - helping you, guiding you, equipping you and training you through the varied stages and experiences of life. The Word communicated in a hymn brings the comforting embrace of our Father’s forgiveness. Hymns provide the reassuring shoulder to soothe our inner pain and panic. Like personal reminders, hymns review credal truths and rehearse the words and works of our Savior. Like lyrical lips, hymns help our mouths and hearts express our praise and thanksgiving to God.

Picking your favorite hymns may not be so easy after all, but that’s the very thrill of it. In the middle of this hymnal project, we pause to remember the many hymns that have served us so well. That’s what this survey is all about. This is not a vote, where you need to save your favorite hymns from getting cut. We simply want to know the hymns that are close to your heart. Use this survey as an opportunity to celebrate our rich heritage of hymns by sharing with us your personal treasures!

For more information and instructions for completing the survey, head over to the research section of our website.

About Daniel Bondow

Rev. Daniel Bondow serves on the Communications Committee of the WELS Hymnal Project. Bondow serves as a pastor at Grace Lutheran Church in Milwaukee, WI.


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