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Now Accepting Applications for Technology Committee Focus Group

In a paper presented to the WELS Institute for Worship and Outreach in May of 2013, I wrote,

For the research and planning phase I am looking for a focused and interactive approach. I want our committee to discover 25 congregations who represent the ideal target for our planned digital worship compendium and planning application. These congregations should represent the vast middle of WELS and not edge cases. Their needs are common and also specialized. Their culture demands excellence and so we must provide the best. Their active worship ministry means that they struggle with the kinds of challenges we are working to solve. They are comfortable using current technology to serve their congregation. Their needs, their experience, and their feedback will give us the information we need to build something for them. By building something that works for those 25 congregations we build something that works for everyone.

The time has come to discover those 25 congregations. We are now accepting applications to be part of the focus group that will help the Technology Committee complete its work. Congregations in the focus group will help us determine the most common worship technology needs in WELS congregations. Congregations in the focus group will help us refine our vision for what the digital side of the future hymnal must do.

Before you write this effort off as something for only the most tech savvy congregations, I’d like to point out that we’re really looking for congregations whose ministry represents what most WELS congregations are like. We’d even like to have a congregation or two that are very methodical in their adoption of technology. This effort is about helping the Technology Committee learn what kind of real-life people will be using the hymnal in common, real-ministry situations.

If you and your congregation are willing to pitch in and do some work with us, please apply. You and your congregation can help shape the design of our future hymnal’s digital resources.

The application period closed on April 30, 2014.

About Caleb Bassett

Rev. Caleb Bassett is the Technology Committee Chairman for the WELS Hymnal Project. Bassett serves at Redeemer in Fallbrook, CA. Bassett has presented at the WELS National Worship Conference and served as an essayist for the Institute for Worship and Outreach. Bassett and his wife, Audra, live with their four children in the avocado country of Southern California.


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