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Jerusalem the Golden


Thank you to all those who took the time to share their thoughts on, "Jerusalem, the Golden."

A good number of people shared their thoughts about the tune paired with this text. Some expressed their preference for EWING (Christian Worship #214), while others enjoy the newer pairing with THAXTED (Christian Worship Supplement #728). Please know that these comments are very valuable as we wrestle with this and many similar decisions. It's not unthinkable that a text could appear with multiple tunes in the next hymnal, as is the case in Christian Worship.

Some of you are aware that this text paired with THAXTED has been the closing hymn at the National Worship Conference since its beginning in 1996. For the 2014 conference, a special setting was commissioned and written by Mr. Dale Witte. We thank Mr. Witte for giving us permission to use the recording of the performance of his setting for the video above.

Next week we'll feature another hymn from the list of Fifty Favorite Hymns: "Oh, Come, Oh, Come, Emmanuel" (Christian Worship #23).

About Jonathan Bauer

Rev. Jonathan Bauer is a member of the Executive Committee and has served on the Communications Committee for the WELS Hymnal Project. He serves as pastor of Good News Lutheran Church in Mount Horeb, WI. He is a member of the Institute for Worship and Outreach and has been a presenter for Schools of Worship Enrichment and at the WELS National Worship Conference.


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