WELS Hymnal Project


The WELS Hymnal Project is composed of seven subcommittees: Hymnody, Rites, Psalmody, Scripture, Literature, Technology, and Communications.

Hymnody Committee

The hymnody committee will select the hymn texts to be included in the hymnal, the tunes and accompaniments that go with them, and the hymns of the day for each Sunday or festival of the year.

Chairman Aaron Christie
Jeremy Bakken
Kevin Bode
Sara Buelow
Mark Davidson
Brian Doebler
Benj Lawrenz
Holly Ledvina
Jeremy Mattek
Ruth Mattek
Phil Moldenhauer
Joel Otto

Rites Committee

The rites committee will develop all orders of service, meditations, and prayers.

Chairman Jonathan Micheel
Jim Hoogervorst
Wayne Laitinen
Timothy Buelow
Johnold Strey
Joel Gawrisch
John Bortulin

Psalmody Committee

The psalmody committee will select musical settings for the appointed psalms of the day and verses of the day.

Chairman Paul Prange
Samuel Hacker
Amy Hansel
Grace Hennig
Adrian Smith
Bill Tackmeier
Dale Witte
Dan Witte

Scripture Committee

The scripture committee will compile the lectionary and oversee the translation of liturgical and confessional texts, such as the creeds and the Lord’s Prayer.

Chairman Jonathan Schroeder
Steven Lange
Daniel Leyrer
Tyler Peil
Jonathan Scharf
Earle Treptow
John Vieths

Literature Committee

The literature committee will produce auxiliary resources such as a manual and handbook. It will also produce articles, papers, and study materials for the purpose of worship education.

Chairman John Koelpin
Mark Bitter
Johann Caauwe
Phil Casmer
Noah Headrick
Geoff Kieta
Mark Tiefel
Ben Tomczak

Technology Committee

The technology committee will develop all electronic products such as music graphics and audio files. It will also provide for the technology needs of the hymnal project, including a project website.

Chairman Caleb Bassett
David Gruen
Paul Lemke
Jonathan Pasbrig
Martin Spriggs
Donald Vossler
Ian Welch
Matthew Weseloh

Communications Committee

The communications committee will gather input from throughout the synod and facilitate the education, promotion, field testing, and introduction related to the project.

Chairman Jonathan Bauer
Steven Bauer
Daniel Bondow
Linnea Koeppel
Amanda Kohlmetz
Mike Marquardt
Sarah Mayer
Jonathan Niemi
Mark Schutz